Requena Ancient City


Tour description

Just 65 km from Valencia, this route offers wine, gastronomy and culture, a perfect combination.

The wine has a relevant role in the economy of the area, one of the municipalities of Spain with the largest area of vineyard and wine production. The grape cultivation dates back to Roman times but has been in recent decades that has become more important in terms of innovation and development. The appellation of Utiel-Requena was one of the first to be established in Spain in 1957.

Gastronomy is another aspect to mention when speaking about Requena. We can not overlook their sausages. ¡Cheked, it smells and it tastes different! It is very important the drying process, as in this region so close to Castile, the influence of the coast is very weak, favoring a cold and dry climate, ideal for drying these tasty sausages. Sausage, saucisson, sobrassadas or black pudding made of onion are some of the products protected by the Regulatory Council of sausage of Requena and for the Gastronomic Quality Mark of Utiel. Also linked to the wine culture is the old town with the famous Cuevas de la Villa, underground labyrinth all over the basement of the historic center. Built by the Arabs, these caves run throughout the basement of the Plaza de la Villa and most of the adjacent houses. They were used as wine cellar, refuges in the different wars, houses, warehouses for grain or bones deposits. They still preserv basic elements for winemaking (teals, entrances, and large jars dating from the twelfth century). Visit the Caves de la Villa, tour and tasting of local wines in a wine cellar and lunch in a typical restaurant.