Learn To Cook Authentic Paella Valenciana


Tour description

Will attend a cooking class preparing our most characteristic dish: paella. Rice dishes there are many in our extensive geography, but to make a paella scrumptious has its secrets! Do you know what the main ingredients are and what is the “socarrat” on paella? Know all these details and tricks to come out in their point. We have often seen pictures of paella announced with seafood, pork and other oddities. But the real paella was much easier, because originally the paella was a meal of farmers, humble people. They used what they had at hand in these land, it was chicken, rabbit, duck, and vegetables they grew in their gardens themselves, as tomato, ferradura (wide, flat green beans), water, salt and some exclusive ingredients like garrofón (like the bean). To end up we will savor this exquisite dish our great cuisine.

Enjoy your meal!


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