A Taste Of Classic Cuisine Valencia

comida tipica

The traditional Valencian cuisine is based on fresh and premium products. Fruits and vegetables of their fertile lands, along with fresh seafood are the main ingredients of this exquisite Mediterranean cuisine flavored. From our sea, tellinas, clóchinas (mussels) or sepia are ideal to take as starters before a meal.

Fish and seafood can be baked, grilled, fried or simple in tasty dishes. All i pebre is a very typical stew of the Albufera, as one of its ingredients are the eels fished in the waters of the lagoon. The dish is complemented with potatoes, paprika and garlic. Obliged to mention is the rice, but we would like to mention that in addition to the global benchmark of paella we have a good repertoire of rice dishes: some soupy, honeyed, dry … just to name a few examples will name the amb arros fesols and naps, (with beans and turnips), black rice (actually has color because black squid ink), baked rice, arroz a banda (with fish) … Special mention also pickles and salted, which have their origins in antiquity to prevent spoilage of fish caught and to consume later. To highlight the mojama, the dried cod are ingredients in dishes as tasty as the esgarraet (roasted peppers with dried cod and olive oil) To know a place you can visit its monuments, talk to its people, its natural landscapes, but what one can not miss is the local cuisine. Here are listed just some of our recommendations, now it is your turn to try them!