The Valencia Sailor

Tour description

Combination of our history and roots with outdoor activity and local cuisine. Not to be missed. The warehouses of the port house the boxes of F1 circuit race and July concerts, but you know the purpose they were built for? We will know the origins of the port and its most distinctive buildings. Visit two unique museums located in these neighborhoods sailor. The first one, the Rice Museum, located in an old mill, where we will discover the secrets of this cereal so linked to the Valencian cuisine. The second one, the Museum of Maritime Holy Week. One can not speak of maritime towns and not relate to the Maritime Holy Week, a holiday lived in a very special way in these villages near the sea. As a finishing touch we will enjoy a catamaran experience, seeing the facilities of the Copa America: the team bases and buildings that were built for the sporting event, also part of the F1 circuit, with the movable bridge over the canal, all while we taste steamed mussels accompanied by beer or Valencian wines.